Why Barcelona?

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Barcelona is one of the cities with more PACKAGING MACHINERY manufacturers in the world. There is a first class recognized packaging cluster composed by many well reputed companies with international presence and innovative technology. The city also has international packaging trade show every three years.

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Export Interim Management


Due to contraction of domestic markets, for companies is essential to go abroad and investigate other markets to maintain level of sales volume, even those that had not yet considered. But going to new countries with different channels, customs, laws and languages is not easy and a skilled manager who directs the operation with media, rhythms and adequate budgets to advance this process is required.

When looking for an Export Manager, many SMEs doubts arise:

  • Often they cannot afford hiring an Export Manager payroll full –time.
  • The management needs are changing, from the selection of markets and adapt the means of the company to export (logistical, administrative, packaging ... ) in the initial phase or specialization in certain areas of the world in the consolidation phase.
  • Practice shows that most SMEs just need a dedication between 25 % and 50 % of the time a senior professional export manager on functions of policy planning, development, management and control.

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